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about us and join us

About Us

Join Us

We have a very diverse range of abilities, diversities, ethnicities and a wide range of ages.
If you would like to become a part of the I Believe Management family please click here to fill out our registration form. 
Before filling in our form, please read our F&Qs.

Our Kids

our kids


Welcome to I Believe Management Academy. 

We have experienced and qualified teachers from BRIT School and BIRD College.

We run workshops in the following:

  121 Singing and script lessons

  Audition and Casting Techniques 


 Musical Theatre and West End

  Industry Make up and Model Experience Day


Please contact us at

Join us registration form!
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1. Who are I Believe Management?

Talent Agency representing babies, twins, triplets, families, children, teenagers and young adults for Television/Film/Commercials/Voice Overs/Music Videos/Theatre/Photographic/Fashion Shows and Overseas Assignments

2. How do I apply to become a Model/Artist?

Please click on the 'Join Us’ section on the website.

3. Do you take on talent with diversity or disability?

Absolutely! We offer the same opportunities and successes for everyone we represent. However, children under 16 have to be in good health to successfully get a work license and permission to be out of school.


4. Do you charge a fee to join the Agency?

No, we do not charge a joining fee.

5. Will I need a professional photographic portfolio when applying to join the Agency?

No. Camera/phone snap shots are fine when you first apply. If you are invited to join the Agency we will schedule a photo shoot with our in house photographer to create an appropriate photographic portfolio, which is essential in order to promote you to our Clients.

6. Do you take on everyone who applies?

No, we will only represent Models/Artists who we feel we can successfully place in jobs and are suitable to be a part of the I Believe team. We insist on meeting all of our Models/Artists before offering them a place on our books. We take pride in knowing all of our Models/Artists personally so we can help, support and guide them to further their talents.

Please do not be disheartened if we say no the first time as it usually means you just need more experience and guidance and we provide a variety of talent and confidence building work shops which can help you.

7. What if my online application is successful?

First we will meet with you. If we offer you a place on our books we will then arrange a photo shoot with our in house photographer in order to create an online portfolio so we can put you forward for any suitable assignments.

8. What is the cost of the photo shoot?

The cost is £100 to create a professional photographic portfolio that is essential in order to promote you to our clients. 

The photographic fee includes an I Believe Management USB with the best 10-15 shots from the shoot, edited accordingly. The images are for personal use only and are restricted in their entirety from any and all advertising usage.

You will also receive a merchandise pack when you arrive for the shoot to take with you on any castings!

9. How will the Agency find me work?

Briefs are sent to us by our vast amount of clients and we will put you forward for any assignments we feel are suitable. It is then up to the client who they wish to see for a casting.

10. Can you guarantee me work?

No Agency can guarantee you work, as it is always the client’s decision as to which Model/Artist is chosen. But we do guarantee that we only represent Models/Artists who we feel we can successfully place in jobs.

11. Can someone else take my child to a casting?

Yes, as long as they are over 18 years old.

12. Can someone else take my child to shoots?

No, only a parent, legal guardian or a registered chaperone can accompany children.

13. How will I know when a client is interested in me?

If a client asks to meet you for a casting or wants to book you for a shoot, we will immediately contact you by telephone or email, so please make sure our email address and telephone numbers are saved in your contacts.

14. What happens if I get booked for an assignment?

The Agency will always contact you by telephone first and then email you all information in regards to the booking. Please note if you are under 16 years old you will require a child performance licence. The Agency or client will apply for this on your behalf. If you are in full time education and your assignment is scheduled during school hours you will also need a permission letter from your school agreeing for you to work during those hours.

15. Are there any other costs?

There are no joining fees, however there is a £100 photo shoot fee. The photographs will then be used to create your online portfolio. 

16. What is Spotlight?

Spotlight is known across Europe as the most prestigious casting platform in the industry. Performers on Spotlight are recognised by agents and casting professionals as the most talented in the industry. That’s why Spotlight is used every day by casting directors looking to find the best performers for their projects, and is a MUST for anyone aged 4 years and over who is serious about acting. Please take a look at their website for further information.

You can only join through a spotlight registered Agent and it costs £103 a year. The first year needs to be paid in full. Subsequent years can be paid by monthly direct debit.

17. How does the agency earn?

The agency earns on commission. 

18. Does it matter where I live?

No. We take on Models/Artists from all over the UK and overseas too.

Join us registration form
Important please read.  
If you would like to become apart of the I Believe Management family please follow these simple instructions.
Firstly, please get permission from an adult if you are under . 
Please ensure the details submitted in the registration form attached are correct for the  artist.
When attaching your photo to the form, it must be a head and shoulders shot, with NO accessories, makeup or jewellery. This should be an individual photo. They do not need to be professional.
If the application is successful then you will receive an email to confirm your application is being submitted and an invitation to come and meet the team.
Please read the F&Qs before submitting the form

Clients previously worked with:

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