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About Us

Welcome to I Believe Management and thank you for visiting our site. I Believe Management was set
up by a team of experienced people within the industry. Our team consists of, young fresh team members mixed with experienced older team members to give a wide range of experience, new ideas and a fresh outlook to keep us current.
With nearly 12 years experience working in casting, overall parent experience and music industry knowledge. We are a team that are always happy to help, approachable, and always there for both, Talent/parent and client.
We work with all children and families of all ages, diversity and ability. We like to work with all our Talent on weekly and monthly workshops and also work with them on a 121 basis. We want to help them to be confident, progress, achieve and above all believe.
If we don’t take your child on after meeting them…. Its never a no its just maybe its a not right now. But with the right guidance and help, then confidence can come and we can help place them with suitable jobs/placements.


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